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mudler and tools
mudler and tools


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Always have your cocktail making tools within reach with the Muddler & Tools. The set consists of a muddler, special tongs and a jigger. The muddler can be used to bruise or squeeze ingredients such as mint and lime. The cap of the muddler is made of hard rubber which allows you to bruise or squeeze ingredients directly into the glass. With the tongs you can easily pick up ice or other cocktail ingredients. The stainless steel jigger is suitable for adding different measures to your favourite cocktail. Due to its practical design these three important tools can be kept conveniently together.

  • Muddler for bruising or squeezing ingredients such as mint and lime
  • Special tongs for picking up ingredients
  • Jigger for adding different measures
  • Everything together in one convenient case
  • Dishwasher safe

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